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The main goal of the company is to mantain, to protect and to promote the fashion as value of the Made in Italy and of the italian style in the world, proposing an elite sewing service to the client.


Currently, the Sergio Nesci signature, symbol of a company that revolves to 360°, it is very much appreciated abroad. The brand has assumed a global consistency characterized by an unique way of satisfying the clients, together with the good taste for the quality and the attention for the latest trends and up-to-date products, and also for the colors and fabrics.

The head office in Margutta street displays a wide clothes assortment fashion, classes and sportswear, a wide selection of items: warm velvet home dressing gowns, multicolored kimono in rasatello fabric, villa or cotton sateen pajamas, wonderful jacquard ties, sporty trousers, prestigious knitwear in cashmere, and also all the accessories that can complete the wardrobe of a man: hats, scarves, socks, gloves, belts.


The company was founded in 1950 at Giuseppe's Nesci, a graduated tailor in Rome, from The academy of the Sartori. His works of high tailor's workshop were very much appreciated by the "wealthy" Rome of the period. Prestigious customers like Totò, Vittorio de Sica, Walter Chiari and Has Of Persia are only a few who has been served by him.

The company with more than seventy years of experience in the sartorial field provides a production  and distribution of the Prèt a porter.

Sergio Nesci boasts decennial formative experiences by the CarloPalazzi tailoring and also to Battistoni, starting over again from his father and widening the firm, specializing himself into the tailored art and prèt a porter.



Sergio Nesci un artista dal carattere eclettico e passionale, portavoce di stile, storia e innovazione.


Punta sulla qualità di un prodotto che esprime soprattutto all’estero i veri requisiti della lavorazione artigianale italiana. “


In periodi di crisi non solo occorre impegnarsi e operare bene, ma è molto importante saper prendere le decisioni giuste”. Per questo la nostra mission prevede la promozione della moda come valore del made in Italy e dello stile italiano nel mondo.


SERGIO NESCI an artist with an eclectic and passionate personality, mouthpiece of style, history and innovation. His works is focused on the product's quality, which is very well appreciated all abroad for the real requirements of the Italian homemade working.


"In period of crisis not only there is need to be pawned and to operate well, but is very important to be able to take the right decisions".

Therefore, our mission foresees the promotion of the fashion as VALUE of the MADE IN ITALY and of the Italian STYLE in the world.

Il brand presenta un mix attuale e non convenzionale di abbigliamento luxury, per un uomo che vuole uscire dagli standard, desideroso di un abito interamente personalizzato sia nel taglio che nella scelta dei tessuti. 

L'abito - afferma il direttore responsabile e creativo della ditta - deve poter vestire il cliente, facendolo sentire a suo agio, in qualsiasi situazione sia per la propria professione sia al di fuori dell'ambito lavorativo.


The brand provides an actual and original combination of luxury fashion, for a man who really want to stand out from the standards, who is looking for an completely customized suit, both in cut and fabric choice.

The suit - states the creative director of the maison - should dress the buyer, let him to be comfortable in any situation, either for is profession or outside the workplace environment.